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Welcome to my portfolio sampler.

Here are some creative projects I’ve worked on over the years distilled into a single page you can scroll through¬†and browse. Chances are you’ve arrived here to see illustration, comics or¬†concept art so I’ve brought¬†these up¬†front and center.

Thank you for your consideration,



Illustrator, Canada

(Last updated:  April 11, 2017)

Recent Publications

Last Call #1
comedy / superhero debut
Lead Illustrator & Cover Artist
303 Publishing, March 2017
Grimwood Crossing #2
western / supernatural series
Cover Artist
Independent, Feb 2017
Under the Streetlight
noir anthology
Cover Artist
Stache Publishing, Oct 2016
Death’s End #1
fantasy/crime series
Cover Artist & Lettering
Independent, Aug 2016
Grimwood Crossing #1
western / supernatural series
Cover Artist
Independent, Feb 2017

Current Projects

Gunpowder Witch #4
historical fantasy finale
Guest Illustrator
Stache Publishing, 3rd quarter 2017
Silver Skin #1
slice of life / fantasy debut
Cover Artist
Independent, 3rd quarter 2017
Death’s End #2
fantasy / crime series
Independent, 3rd quarter 2017
Grimwood Crossing #3
western / supernatural series
Cover Artist
Independent, 3rd quarter 2017
Last Call #2
comedy / superhero series
Lead Illustrator & Cover Artist
303 Publishing, TBD

Previous Work

Selected works from comics, illustration and concept art.

Comic Sequential Art & Covers

Artwork samples are drawn & lettered by me.

Illustration & Pin-ups

From various projects featuring character(s) or to convey a certain mood.

Concept Art / Character Design

Design pertaining to different genres and styles.

Looking for more?

Additionally, here are some other categories that may be of interest.

Contact Me

If you would like to inquire about a collaboration or assignment you can get in touch by using this form.
As an alternative, feel free to email me directly at: (Business only) (General inquiries)

Also, feel free to contact me with any questions not covered in the FAQ  below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will/won’t you draw?

Specifically, I will not draw:

  • anything illegal
  • blatantly¬†hateful (racism, sexism, etc.)
  • material with a strong religious or political¬†agenda

If you are unsure, please ask first.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

Do you take (free) requests?

No. It is unfair to my current clients.

How much do you charge for your services?

This depends on the details of the project.

Anything related to general illustration or concept art requires a conversation before I can give you a solid estimate.
For comics, I need to review the script to give you a solid estimate.

As a general guideline, please refer to the rates shown here as they pertain to the comics industry:

What is the payment schedule?

This varies from project to project but typically I will accept 50% up front, then the rest upon proof of the finished product.

I will not accept 100% payment up front.

All production assets are delivered once the last payment clears.

Do you accept back end pay?

No. I do not take profit sharing offers, promises of‚ÄĚexposure‚ÄĚ or maple syrup¬†instead¬†of any monetary payment up front.

Do you make custom artwork?

Yes I do take commissions. Feel free to contact me with the details of your project and please specify whether this is for personal or commercial use.

What do you use to create your artwork?

I work in traditional (analogue) media such as:

  • ink
  • watercolor
  • acrylic paint
  • oil paint

I also work in digital media with software such as photoshop, illustrator, manga studio, etc.

What creative services do you offer?

You can hire me for:

  • comics
    • cover art illustration and design
    • interior art illustration (pencil/ink/color)
    • page layout design/roughs
    • page finishing
    • lettering &¬†logo design
    • production design & desktop publishing
  • concept art &¬†design
  • personal¬†art projects
Where are you located?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Timezone is UTC-6.

What payment methods do you accept?

Only Paypal at this time.

How do I contact you?

You can use my contact form to send me a message via my website or directly at:



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